Bad Brain, No Candy for You

Bad habits suck, they are hard to break and I don’t care what people say…they are easier to give in to than to resist.
That being said I am working hard to change my habits, one of the worse habits is I am conditioned to want/buy candy at certain times and places.  I have been avoiding Jackson’s stores because of it and I work hard at resisting getting candy when grocery shopping.
One other conditioned habit with sweets is the fact that we often go get candy at Jackson’s late at night after Alex’s work.  We have to go get our car from Les Schwab tonight because it has to be driven so slowly that during the day is a nightmare.
My habit addled brain is whining “ooohhhh get sweets?!?…yes???”
No, No, NO!!!
Bad brain! Behave.
Time for my mind (to me brain=habits and want…mind=thoughts and will) to take control and reshape these habits.



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