Not exactly a binge

I wanted to binge when I heard about the car tire, if there had been candy I would have, I even thought of mixing a strong drink…instead I got out the corn chips, then mixed up a full cup of sour cream, the pico de gallo and a little bit of avocado, and sat down to binge.
2 oz and 7 chips later I am done, I refuse to lose control, I refuse to “not even count it” as I had planned to do. Letting this stress cause me to eat junk is bullshit, it is just an excuse to give in and I am done giving myself bullshit excuses.
Despite using so many calories up already (2 oz of cashews for the tryptophan already added 375 calories to my day) I have eaten really healthy and I am damned if candy or junk will be part of it.
So this is what my “Binge” looked like



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