1634 calories

It is amazing how much food you can eat for 1634 calories when less than 75 of those calories are candy. (Little gummy hearts)


I have started to realize just how bad my binging on candy has been, when I think of it as 1 or 2 candy bars (even king size ones) plus hot tamales it isn’t the same as actually adding up the calories.
I estimate I have been eating any where from 400 to 900+ calories of SUGAR in the form of candy A DAY every day since early October….
I havent been eating enough of the food I need so by late afternoon I am crashing and by evening I end up  insane for sugar. 
Today I started early eating right and drinking tons of water right off the bat and I still haven’t had a sugar crash and my moods are even better.
We will see if it keeps up, also it is less stressful to count calories when you don’t eat stuff you are embarrassed about

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