Pea and bean soup

I am making pea soup from freezer because I am out of split peas (also lately the split peas I get taste old and dated),
I emptied the 1pound bag of frozen peas in the crockpot with 2 cups of water and chicken bullion (msg and gluten free) then added some frozen ham I stashed last time I got one and cajun/herb seasonings
I have a package of frozen bacon baking at 300° in the oven on top of the chopped frozen onions I did last week for about 80 mins while I rest and the other stuff is on high in the crock.  I added a handful of frozen finely sliced carrots and let it cook.
I also added a can of white beans and some garlic and cooked for 3 hours on high (you could boil it 35 mins on stovetop)
It is soooooo good
90 calories for 4 oz but full of protein and fiber


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