Went to the psyche

Went to the Psych this morning about the issues that I have been having these last 3+ months.  She says I am right about what I thought was wrong, my borderline is acting up which is triggering anxiety, paranoia and intermittent mania/anger and it is all made worse by Seasonal Affective Disorder. She is increasing one of my meds from 5 to 7mg.
Let’s hope it helps along with the serious realization that I am not always the reason other people are unhappy or act rudely…and that I also dont have to accept being treated as if I am a constant annoyance or bother. 
I have spent 9 years with this med giving me enough stability to slowly inch by inch gain control over the BPD that nearly killed me repeatedly and over these last 3 years I have finally achieved a sense of peace that I have never had before so I am not about to give that up and if a small increase in meds gives me a more even path from which to find my way back to that stability I am damn well going to take it.
BTW I really am NOT going to deal with an anti meds debate right now so save it if you don’t approve of psyche meds until you have walked 45 years in my Ill-fitting shoes


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