Unfuck your habitat commandments

Here’s the ten unfuck your habitat commandments
(Inspired by a list someone made and expounded on by me)

1. EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO DO ONE 20/10 (20 min work/10 min break, many times it will motivate you to keep going)
2. PUT IT AWAY. Don’t put it down. (Put things where they belong)
3. LESS STUFF, more storage options (if you don’t use it, wear it, need don’t keep it…maximize the use of storage containers)
4. GET OFF YOUR ASS (even if you don’t feel good try 5 mins of cleaning or just tidying, it will make you feel better)
5. CLEAR FLAT SURFACES (don’t let all your tables, desks,counters become cluttered)
6. UNFUCK ONE THING AT A TIME (decide on one job at a time and break larger jobs into smaller jobs then focus on each of them)
7. TAKE BREAKS (do what you can, how you can but don’t marathon clean, you will just wear yourself out)
8. DON’T LEAVE IT FOR LATER (it will just be a bigger, harder to clean mess, try cleaning or putting things away as you go)
9. A LITTLE EFFORT WILL MAKE A BIG CHANGE IN HOW YOU FEEL (clutter and mess can increase depressed feelings and low self esteem, ever small action towards improving your habitat and your life can help you mood)
10. STOP MAKING EXCUSES, they’re boring (there is a difference between making an excuse to not do something and actually not being able to do it…look hard and ask yourself which it is)


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