I posted this in response to a friends post and I want to expound on it a bit
People claim often that they can judge others because they are the hand picked of GOD and as such know what their one true god wants….and yet so often the things they claim their god wants actually are opposed to the teachings in their own religion.
It seems to me that to assume such a vanity, to assume that any higher power “hand picked” them, to assume that they, mere humans, are graced to know the thoughts of a being they claim to be so omnipotent makes me doubt both the people and their god.
I would have to doubt the teachings of a god that would honor such hateful, vain people with his thoughts and to doubt that the thoughts of any such being would be to care what any combination of consenting adults do together.
Too many of those people do what they want and call it the will of their god then what few meager acts of charity they do do are done in hope or fear of an afterlife and in wishing for reward and glory in this life.
But if someone of any faith were to show me that they truly strive to really do good, to honestly help others and to make the world a better place in the hopes of living up to even a small part of what they see as the honorable example of their faith and/or god(s) grace and charity without any expectations of an afterlife or reward and glory in this life I will at least listen to what they have to say


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