Shelves and the day of suckage

So far today I realized it is Three not 2 teeth I can’t afford to have pulled much less fixed (1 is broken and 2 have lost crowns) and I can’t even see the dentist til mid February.
I have 3 monstrous pile of smaller apple wood branches in my front yard that are driving my already stressed out landlord nuts and I have til Saturday night to get them into the backyard.
It is lots of small wood and will help with future bonfires but I had planned to buy half a cord of larger wood but that is now not an option since I had some situations come up that took all of the $125 I planned on using for it and a chunk of the money I planned for an event. (NOTE…Just found out that the Roommate will get us the full portion of the rent on the 31st and fuck it I am ordering the wood)
Speaking of landlords, still no clue what he plans for this place or how long we can stay but looking at rents around town I don’t think we can find anything like it price wise.
My boy cat woke me up to puking since the big fatty binge eats and the two of them fight worse if we ration his food
I must not have gotten all the soap off my skin because I woke up to a blistering rash on my thigh.
In the midst of the on-going “day of suckage” today I finally have my shelves.  It only took over a week and much much more than what I had planned to spend in the first place.
I bought 2 single slot shelf rods and 8 ten inch shelf brackets at Second Chance Building Supply downtown for $6 thinking I could use the shelf wood I already had
Then found out the wood that wasn’t ruined was 11 inches not 10″
I went back and could only find six 12″ brackets and traded straight across for the 8
I then couldn’t get 3 of the brackets to fit in the rods
And I found out that the shelves being an inch too shallow made the brackets unstable so I couldn’t use the ones I had
Today I tormented poor Alex to get up early and go to 5 mile and overland (actually 7 miles from my house) to find 6 brackets…they cost $6
We then went to Overland Lumber which is barely a mile from our place and they cut an 8 foot finished shelf board into 3 pieces for $7
When we got home we found that the unreturnable $1 each shelf brackets from HFH didn’t fit at all
And…Alex found that with a bit of force the $0.50 brackets from Second chance that we didn’t think fit would work
So instead of paying $6 for 4 shelves we paid $19 for 3
I could have bought a new set of the brackets and rods with shelves for that much and had it done in 1 hour
BUT I will say they are great and much better than the old set up


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