Another good intentioned “pace yourself” TO DO list that I over did with

Well it is TO DO LIST time, posting it here is the only way I can get it done, especially when I am not feeling well….which means we are back to the SICK-CHICK version of the “Unfuck Your Habitat” policy of 20/10 (20 mins of work then 10 of break)
This means I write a list of very simple chores and break them down into steps then do 1 step at a time while listening to music and try to finish each step in under 3 songs and then rest about 20 mins, unless I doze off then longer, then go to the next step.

So here we go…
Wednesday night SICK-CHICK TO DO LIST:  (started at 7:30pm Wed, ended 1:20am Thur)
#1. Carry Art supplies I sorted last night to the garage along with the other boxes to go out, none of which are very heavy. ((12 mins but all the carrying and going in and out of the cold kicked my ass…also ButtRock really is best because I work faster to an even beat and dont get distracted listening to the words or wondering who the artist is and what I was listening to didn’t cut it
Anyway good thing I am taking a break to make some dinner cause I can barely breath))

#2. Bring large box in to put all of the plastic storage containers and lids in, clear off both wire racks, move them to other side of kitchen…((18 mins because I made an effort to put things on those racks that doesn’t belong in the kitchen where they belong…hurting but really need to get a few more done))

#3. Empty both short pantry bookcases into boxes, empty “Tea” shelves into a box move stuff to wire racks ((14 mins because I didn’t turn the stopwatch off while trying to scrub my arms to keep the dust from making them itch as I am very allergic.  I failed to get it off in time.  Also I now realize how not having much pantry space effects how little diversity of groceries we have, no point in buying food in bulk or on sale if I have no place to put it)

#4. Dust shelves and wipe table down. Move all 3 empty shelf sets into middle of kitchen, pull litter box and supplies from under table (did this in 6 mins then didn’t stop)

#5. Move table to new spot, find out if wire rack fits at the end, put litter box in new spot (table fits well, rack will fit but I am doing something different shelf wise)

#6. put food on table move any extra racks in front room (rather foolishly kept going and put the bookcase/pantry shelves into a new arrangement and mostly sitting put the food back in a more organized manner but I am too tired to finish clearing off the wire racks and to move them for now)
NOTE: 2:11AM I fibbed, I broke down and carried the wire racks into the front room, it took 2 mins and means Alex can reach the dust pan to get the pile I swept up when he comes home

#7. Sweep floor, organize cat food and litter (went way too long, the last 4 steps took 70 mins and I am kind of wiped out and some stuff will have to be done later in the day after I sleep …it is 1:20am Thursday now…BUT it looks great and now I know how I want the mounted shelves set up and what I need to buy))


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