Detoxing making me feel sick

Well tonight I had 3 drinks, and I feel ok now but I know the knee spasms are coming and tomorrow I will pay for it and the salty food I ate with achy joints. Not complaining, I totally had a wonderful time with my family for my nephew’s birthday and to be honest I am actually glad to realize I need to get serious about detoxing and about changing to be far less toxified over all so that cleaning my system again in the future will be a mild thing that doesn’t cause my face and scalp to blister, my head to hurt and my tonsils to swell because of the toxins leaving my body.
I am not doing a harsh detox actually, a huge glass of a mild detox tea made of household spices (pie spice, tumeric and cayenne pepper) and green tea/lemon every day, 100+ oz of water over any other drinks, at least 1 large bowl of soup a day with tomatoes, chillies both diced and powdered, and tons of onions. I am trying to cut out sugars (I blew it when I thought I was honestly sick as sweets are comfort food) and eat more fruit.
I realize for a few more weeks my body is going to hate me for making it flush all these toxins but I hope it will help me be able to feel better and eat better.


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