So much damn wonderful material, such a big mess

I haven’t been able to do much because we finally had to knuckle down and get a roommate who is living in my now former art room. I am moving the last of my art stuff in the next few days, probably all on Sunday (today) though this cold is slowing me down.
The thing is I never even finished finding the rest of my art supplies that had gotten lost in the garage of doom.  Here are pictures from a year ago that show how long it has been messed up and these aren’t as bad as it had gotten until just recently.


Before my grandma died she gave me all of the items in her sewing collection partly because I helped acquire most of it and we filled shelves with boxes of patterns (I was able to give a friend about 50 plus size, US26 and above, patterns) and tons of sewing stuff and nearly 170 pounds of material that I had no interest in as I had already the year before taken 70 pounds of my personal material from there to give her more space on top of the maybe 50 pounds I already had at my place.  So I gave another friend probably 155 pounds of material including $400 worth of Pendleton wool I am allergic too and kept a few large pieces of tricot for night clothes.
I have been sorting and sifting the garage to find my art supplies, store the stuff we had to take from the art room in a manner that makes it accessible and to provide the roommate with storage space that won’t get mixed with the huge pile of yet to be sorted stuff.
Tonight I hauled in about 3/5 of the material i still have (what i could reach) and washed and dried 6 medium loads (on cold and on low, you can’t over fill material loads as it will wrap around the agitator) of material, and sorted it as well as at least one large load’s worth of individually bagged stuff that didn’t need washing into 4 categories and boxed what I have done so far (yes I have a bunch more I will do tomorrow when I can get my husband to move stuff and reach the rest)….
#1. Craft material … Random smaller pieces and a few large ones of very unique materials, bits and pieces and stuff for crafting things but not for fashion…some includes decor material like curtain panels.  This filled a huge cardboard box
#2. Fashion Material yardage: this is material that is more than a yard of unsewn material of all kinds that will be used for everything from skirts, to dress clothes to PJs. This mostly filled a 3 section mesh hamper.
#3.  Fashion Material to reclaim: dresses and skirts (mostly velvets) and a few other things I wore when I was much much bigger that I want to upcycle into clothing I can wear (these are from when I was twice as big as I am now so I need to take them apart and use the material because I won’t be able to just take them in) many of them have been altered already or have special meanings to me and I want to use the material as opposed to donating them with the other 100+ pounds of clothing I gave away as I lost weight. This filled a large plastic bin
#4. Give away material … Everything from small quilting pieces to large pieces in colors or textures I don’t prefer, this includes a size 28 white silk and beading sleeveless dress that is extremely long and weighs nearly 10 pounds.  When I finish sorting I will be talking to a few of my friends that I haven’t given stuff to yet. Again a full large bin.


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