Getting the garage a little more organized

I am on a serious organizing binge (well I am trying but body isn’t really playing along)  I am being a hard ass and purging stuff I haven’t needed or used or don’t want to have to move if we have to find a new place someday.  I literally have taped shut boxes that were sealed months before the move 17 months ago, some of it was stuff that had been stored, unused for a long time, in our garage at the last place.
We spent an hour plus in the garage today moving things around to give the roommate storage space without just dumping his stuff in with our disorganized disaster. 
I have been doing the first sort on a lot of boxes, getting rid of actually broken things, real garbage and separating out donations that aren’t worth seeing if my friends want them. This first partial sort has me down to 5-6 big boxes (from 15-20 medium boxes and more bags) that are loosely separated into Art, Household, Entertaining, Stuff to see if friends can use, General random stuff, and many bags of Material (tonight before I sort it I am washing it, as I fold each load it will be sorted)
The first set of full sorted and labeled boxes are in one part of the garage on shelves, the piles of boxes and bags still to be sorted are on one side (ok half of the garage) and on the other side there is a space for the RMs stuff and a space for a friend’s stuff (which I can’t actually get to until I sort more of my stuff) but now at least there is a decent sized empty space in the middle of everything.
After the garage gets everything in at least first sort stage I can clear my front room and start getting more serious about organizing how things in the house are stored.
Right now I am doing 20/30s (about 20 mins work and a 30 minute break) because of the fact that hauling stuff all over the garage on concrete in the cold for over an hour with a cold after going walking for an hour has kind of kicked my ass but at least I am getting some things done where in the past I would say “I’m sick I can’t do anything” and give up.
Little by little it is getting done.


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