Unfucking habits with apps

I am working on a set up with an app that will let me reward myself and the app keeps track of the good habits I am trying to build, then I get an “Allowance” to spend on certain things without feeling bad for doing it. 
I assigned a monetary value to things, usually like $1 for doing something 7 days straight through, if I fail a day I start over since the idea is to build a habit.  Some of the items are not daily or harder so they have a single value. 


The app has a calendar that shows a check for finished things and an ex for undone and sends you a reminder at different assigned times of day.


Yes I Could spend the same money anyway and I am the only one who chooses to keep track of these things but I want to develop good habits and break bad ones.
Some are exercise and health related, some are housekeeping and some seem dumb but in the winter I often neglect things when SAD hits like taking care of my hair and looks.
I am keeping track of extra exercise time with a stopwatch app that will keep a running log

and I am using the Amazing UnFuck Your Habitat app for motivation and ToDo lists just for me

and Alex and I share ColorNote for shared info including mutual ToDo lists.


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