Busy, busy, Friday in January

This has been a pretty damn good day so far:
I walked well over a mile with only minor pain afterwards (took Tylenol and napped for an hour)
Started HabitRPG to help build some better habits
Bought some really good classic wardrobe building items of clothes at amazing prices
Did 3 loads of laundry and folded towels
Cleaned out the dish washer after putting away a load of dishes then loaded/ran another load
Hauled in 10-12 boxes from the garage that I first filled from another 4 half full boxes.
Then stacked a bunch of empty boxes to get them out of the mess moved the coolers and my fan back chair out of the pile of stuff to be sorted and separated out appliances like the crafting toaster oven and the giant percolator.
I then spent 3 hours sorting through boxes, separating things into keep, donate, toss and then separating the keep into art supplies, material, holiday stuff, decor stuff, household, tools, and general/random items (these will all be sorted further into containers and banker boxes)
Admittedly I now have a very cluttered (but in an organized way) front room but I also have about 1/3 of the general mess pile in the garage sorted and in 2 days I have tossed out or recycled a 30 gallon and a 13 gallon garbage bag each and a box full and I now have a 13gallon bag and a huge box of give away to donate.
I won’t be able to finish the whole garage any time soon, partly because until it warms up I won’t have enough space to store everything I sort so the sorted boxes have to be labeled and returned to the now clean part of the garage to wait for the second sorting but every time I consolidate 10 mixed up boxes into 4 sorted boxes and a garbage bag I am getting ahead. And I am being pretty ruthless so by the time I am ready for the second sort through these boxes I may get rid of a lot more.
I am forcing myself to stop for the night because my leg muscles are burning but I feel good about all I did today


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