Trying to save $ is one of those resolution type things

We get paid 2 times a month (1of those is my tiny stipend) and once a month our roommate pays us and we have no real debts, no credit debts, we own both cars outright, we can cover our bills each month and yet 3 days after each payday we are scraping change broke.
Things need to change if we want to get ahead.
Having a general resolution that you will save money doesn’t work if you freak out at every little slip and give up or if you don’t look at the mistakes and money pits of your last and make serious changes.  Just putting more in savings doesn’t help if you don’t reduce expenses.
We have set up a better budget including how to pay off the electric bill that has climbed up while we are on even pay. The credit union Alex was at was different from the one I have had since I was born and having accounts in 2 places was causing trouble.  Also his credit union had a few money practices we didn’t like so we moved everything to my old credit union.
We now have every bill coming out of a separate account from the one we use for food, gas and day to day stuff. We changed our deductions as well.
We have budgeted clothing and misc. stuff ahead of time as well as what we can spend on food and gas.
Looking back on our spending last year we saw some trends, while I did not spend anywhere near as much on craft supplies and nick nacks as I have in the past and we seldom go out to eat I do spend more than I should on going to coffee and on entertaining.
The problem is we love throwing parties and taking stuff to parties but that almost always gets out of hand costwise. Just last year we spent more than $1000 on just hosting/cohosting parties and more taking stuff to others.  This year we have agreed to the number of parties we will throw, and what size, small, med, and large, and a budget for each size as well as what we can spend on other people’s events.  This more than cuts that grand+ in half.
As for other expenses I have already cut the amount I spend on buying coffee when out and about by at least half by taking my own when I go walking and by no longer being able to eat baked goods.  I have set a yearly budget for craft supplies that includes material for clothing and I can’t spend anything until I find out what I already have in the garage of doom and inventory it all.  While we haven’t put a specific amount on the clothes budget Alex and I are going to sit down and list the items we need and want (also doing the same for the household) and make plans on which are the most important.
Hopefully this will help.


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