I know my body is in serious need of detoxification, I gained 12 pounds in 4 days and have had headaches and leg pain a lot this last week. 
I maxed out on water and senna and lost 8 of it in 4 hours but still feel really out of sorts so I made a crockpot of chicken tortilla soup, chicken, onions, garlic, chilis, tomatoes and beans and I am going to eat that the next few days
I also made a big pot of detox tea base concentrate to be added to water and lemon, White tea with ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, clove, chicory, tumeric, cumin, and red pepper.  Today I will drink 20 oz of that in another 30 oz of homemade lemonade using a small amount of honey and brown sugar to sweeten it. Over the next few days I will try to drink 8-10 oz in 12 oz of lemonade each day.
I am also reducing the amount of artificial sweeteners I use by over 80% (can’t help what is in the one protein powder that doesn’t make me sick) it is time to learn to drink coffee with just milk.

Note: I went from 201 to 192 today, it isn’t real weight loss just cleaning out my system and I think the remaining 2 pounds are real gain so all the more reason to eat right.


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