30 things to organize this year (not including the garage)

I am going to try photographing and blogging each of these as we organize them, most are pretty much how they should be, needing only 15 mins to tidy and others are an hour’s work

House hold organizing list:

1: Kitchen counters and sink
2: Kitchen cabinets and drawers
3: Pantry and food storage
4: Refrigerator and freezer
5: entertainment center
6: Mail area
7: Paying bills and sorting mail
8: Cleaning supplies
9: Bathroom
10: Medicine cabinet
11: Entryway
12: Living room shelves
13: Laundry area
14: Laundry baskets/hampers
15: Purses and scarves
16: Books
17: crafts/utilitiy closet
18: party/linen closet
19: vehicles
20: pets supplies/litter boxes
22: Breezeway
23: bedroom closet (sort clothes)
24: bedroom dressers
25: Master bedroom
26: Jewelry / accessories
27: shoes
28: Makeup / cosmetics
29: RP supplies and games
30: holiday decorations – Wrapping paper and supplies

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