January mini resolutions

Mini resolutions for January: no more alcohol in January and cut back on caffeine, I’ve been drinking too much booze and coffee (often at the same time) too often the last few months, my body doesn’t like me for it and shows it’s disapproval more and more aggressively lately.
As of tonight there is no booze in the house (I don’t count a bottle of sparkling wine because I can’t drink it, will save it for a booze punch after the end of Jan)
If I can’t make it 29 days without a drink of alcohol I have a serious problem and as much as I hurt after drinking lately (not my head, my muscle pain and nerve spasms get worse) and as bad as I get dehydrated from it I have a good reason to slow the fuck down after January is over. 
On the same note I am cutting my coffee consumption way back as I haven’t been sleeping and it keeps me from eating enough of the right foods and again…dehydration.
Pain is a good motivator


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