Burnout but getting better

I hurt and ache all over, not I now realize from working so hard on this one party, but from going full steam for 2 months putting on 4 big parties, being social, being stressed, being sad, being happy, being up and not sleeping enough, not eating right, being active non stop and yet not active enough with the therapy level exercises as I need to be.
I am somewhat mentally and largely physically worn out from the last 6-7 weeks (thanks to having friends and family who help me deal with my feelings I am not fully burned out emotionally) and I need to get better at taking care of myself.
I am amazingly lucky to have such respectful friends, we had tons of people here and yet other than 1 dishwasher load and some big crock pots to wash and the kitchen floor to mop up there is no real cleaning to do so I can relax the next few days, drink tons of water to flush my system and enjoy a long weekend with my hubby.
I should be feeling a ton better by the weekend.


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