Goals for 2014 (oh ok resolutions)

I know there is a lot of flack these days about New Year’s Resolutions but I still have many goals for 2014 that I am aiming to meet, some general and a few specific ones.

#1. Be in better shape athletically by the last day of 2014 than I am on the 1st day of the year. I want to be able to do more with less pain and the only way to do that is to keep moving as much as I can, keep working on the flexibility of my knees and keep going to the gym.
#2. I need to eat right to stay healthy, I won’t say that I will cut out everything I shouldn’t eat or drink but I will aim for my goal of 120 grams of protein and 100oz of non caffeinated drinks on top of everything else. 
#3. I would prefer to not weigh more on Dec 31 2014 than I do on Jan 1 2014, I don’t care if I lose really I just want to at least maintain for my health as every pound shortens the life of my knees. This involves #1 & #2
#4. I want to keep my blood levels up, vitamins, iron, calcium, etc. and to do this I need to keep taking my supplements right.
#5. I am aware that I have serious impulse control issues in most subjects that I am already working on and I will continue to try to give myself a chance to actually think things out before jumping in, before eating the treat, before taking on more than I can handle, before spending money recklessly or getting angry. I know I won’t be perfect but I will keep trying.
#6. I want to be better at showing my husband, family and friends how much they mean to me and give everyone the same level of respect I am realizing I also deserve.
#7. I want to try to participate in more special events with Alex and family and friends, things like going to festivals, art events, 1st Thursdays and plays, also having more picnics and group events.
#8. I slacked on doing art for the sake of art in 2013 due to my surgeries and grandma’s health issues and I want to create more art for the joy of it in 2014.
#9. I like having my house “guest ready” all the time and we deserve to have a house we are proud of and comfortable in and I now realize it is easier to maintain a clean house on a regular basis than to let it get out of hand and have to go crazy cleaning a big mess.
#10. Clean up the garage disaster area… Get rid of things we don’t need, (be brutal) sort everything into sections, figure out storage spaces and shelves for everything. Take time and get it right and maintainable.

Those are all pretty easy and nothing I am not willing to keep trying at if don’t do it perfectly every time.


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