10 mins of biking = over 10 hours of pain

So after taking an unplanned month off of using the exercise bike I got back to it yesterday and rode 1.4 miles in 10 mins. 
Not much I know so the fact that I proceeded to spend the rest of the day with my left knee stiff as a board seemed a bit of overkill but I could deal with that.  I even expected that the inside muscles of my thighs would ache so that wasn’t a problem.
What I couldn’t stand was the 8+ hours of agony when I tried to rest last night and this morning.
My neuropathy went into overdrive and both legs were in full, painful spasms, the top of my feet itched painfully until I had to alternate ice packs from knee to foot to keep from ripping the skin off (the itch and spasms are symptoms of dying/damaged nerves)
Poor Alex had to listen to me cry when there really isn’t anything he could do.  I took the maximum dosage of Gabapentin, I took Tylenol and tramadol and finally a benadryl out of desperation.
I haven’t been doing my PT much since I was cleared a few months ago and the muscles, tendons and yes the nerves in both of my knees are paying the cost.  I think I have to accept that I will have to do the PT exercises forever regardless of being told I could stop.
I have decided it is better to start riding again in a month after I get back up to speed with my flexibility, when I can bend my knees without pain and when riding 1.4 miles doesn’t cripple me.  Not to mention by Feb the rush at the Y will die down.
In the meantime I am going to go back to leg, joint and ab exercises and double the walking I am doing to build strength.


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