Misbehaved this last month, now paying the price

I will be honest, I have spent the last month mistreating my body, I have been:
Not working out, walking a lot but not riding the bike for my knee.
Eating the wrong foods,
Not getting enough protein or vitamins
Not eating anything when I should be eating
Drinking so much coffee that it leads to…
Not sleeping more than a few hours a night,
Drinking booze…often
Not drinking anywhere near enough water…ever

The amazing thing is my body has been really well behaved all month and it waited until the day after christmas to get really sick.
I am also amazingly burned out from so many parties and events, many of which I put on or helped put on and I finally feel like one giant sick, fried nerve.
I had planned some social obligations for pretty much the next 4 nights and to spend Monday getting ready for New Years Eve but if I am to be OK by Tuesday I need to put myself first for a while so I probably won’t be doing anything social til new years eve


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