Getting back on track after chaos and holidays

Some things have to change, I have allowed the stress of the last 6 weeks to really derail me. To be honest the last 10 weeks have been very stressful and I have allowed Grandma’s illness and death, my birthday, so many holidays, parties, and winter itself to compounded my natural lazy, self indulgent streak and I am suffering for it.
The following kind of resolutions, though all but the last one are things we were doing pretty successfully before things got so crazy that I have slacked on.
This is a list of what I want to do (why it has gotten messed up) and what I am going to do about it.

#1.  I have not worked out at the Y in 5 weeks (too often we have allowed anything and everything to get in the way) … I need to go 4-5 days a week no matter what, even if I walk on the other days I need to go ride again til I can build up to 4 to 5 miles a visit.  I simply need to make it happen.

#2. I have gained nearly 10 pounds this last 5 weeks and I am nearly 20 pounds over my goal weight (I am hoping we are looking at a temporary salt induced gain but I doubt that explains all of it, I have been over indulging in food and drink that I shouldn’t and not getting enough water/protein) … Buckling down and cutting out the vast majority of sugar and caffeine is response number 1, making sure I get 120 grams of protein a day and that many oz of non-caffeinated/non-sugary liquid a day is response number 2. Other than that I need to try to add more fruit and veg AFTER I have gotten at least 100 grams of protein.

#3. In general we have kept our house in great shape but I spent the first 3 weeks of Dec freaking out over the clutter that accumulated from clearing out much of my art room for a room mate and after my grandma died. (It happened because I allowed my stress to overwhelm me and should just have stayed calm and got stuff put away) this is just one of those things that needs to be kept on top of, not piling things in the front room will help.

#4. I haven’t been creating enough, not enough art journaling, crafting or Paintings (I put everything else first even unimportant stuff and judge myself too harshly)  I need to create something every week, do some kind of painting or serious drawing once a month and start making it important again.

#5. The garage and the side of the house where we store stuff is a freaking disaster area (we keep just putting everything in there at random, we don’t have enough storage shelves set up yet and every time we get something out of there it makes a far worse )  this is a long term project, we mostly have to wait until spring when things are dry enough to pull everything out and organize the storage spaces.  In the meantime I will begin sorting through boxes and trying to gibe away or discard 30% of the total.


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