Upcycling a locket into a momento mori

Before he died my dad gave me a bunch of gemstones, most of the big ones are probably grown like the large Rubies, which were my recently passed grandmother’s birthstone. She died 2 weeks ago and for some reason I wanted something to mark both of their passing.
I lost track of the gemstones before we moved to this place so 19 months ago. For my b-day a friend gave me this watch locket and it was stuck at 7:37 and I was trying to figure out what to do with it when it occurred to me that if I could find the gemstones in the disaster we call a garage I could put them in it.
I have searched that garage a dozen times and it was below freezing but for some reason this time I found the gemstones….the watch is out of the locket now and the watch compartment is full of about 22 kt of rubies.
In removing the watch I caused the knob that caused the locket to open to fall off so I put a fake watch hand in brass on the chain and I use it to open it, it is like a secret because unless you shine it in the light you don’t see what is in it through the crystal.



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