House cleaning dysmorphia?

Thinking about baking one last thing for the holidays, pumpkin spice cake bites which will actually be the only sweets I am making for the 4 holiday parties I have to have stuff for.  I want to get them done now and frozen so I can frost them right before each party.  I want to do them now so I can scrub my kitchen within an inch of its life and keep it clean for a while, all this cooking hasn’t really made the kitchen filthy, just cluttered with pans and having to run the dishwasher sometimes twice a day makes me feel like I am in a tornado of clutter.
I have felt overwhelmed with the disorganization of my house lately.
I cant seem to be rational in viewing it.  I know in my logical mind that it is an afternoon’s worth of cleaning for Alex and me to have it holiday guest ready but my mind keeps panicking that it is really horrible.
I have done most of it already, the organization and tidying from moving stuff out of my art room and from grandma’s house but that isn’t how the anxiety part of my mind perceives it. To me a simply untidy house now seems like a stressful disaster area which I have never really had before.
Is there such a thing as house dysmorphia?

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