Bad drug interaction

Flexeril and gabapenti do not get along at all.
Alex has been so sweet, this morning was terrifying, all my old worst crazy behaviors rolled up into a 2 hour freak out…self hitting, sarcasm, hate the world, wanting to hurt everyone, despair, ready to cancel everything for the next month, barely able to make myself move, sugar binging and crying. 
It was the worse drug interaction I have ever had but it reminded me how bad I used to be at times and to be sure I take my medicine. 
I also need to stop feeling as if I have to do everything by myself and Alex agreed to give me the entire weekend if need be to finish all the cleaning.  I have pretty much finished  organizing everything minus maybe an hour of putting daily use stuff away to get things ready for the holidays.
Today is just for me to relax without guilt, if I do anything, fine, if not oh well


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