To do list: make new to do list √

It is the perfect time to clean house, no one else is home so I could blare music, sing, be silly, talk to the cats and get shit done without being in people’s way…except I am so tired that it hurts, getting up to eat something is a ton of effort right now despite the fact I need to eat something. I feel like crap.
The problem is I have a ton to do in the next 7 days that absolutely must be done.
If I post the stuff I need to do first maybe I will be more motivated or at least feel embarrassed for not getting it done.


TO DO: (in approximate order over the next 2 days)
*Finish sorting art supplies into new locations to give roommate more space in art room
*swap out large rolling cart full of random dry items in bedroom for the one full of paints
*haul other carts to garage
*empty dishwasher
*load and run dishwasher
*empty and wash garbage can
*finish making bread crumbs (food processor not by hand)
*make sausage cheese balls for the holidays
*move huge fucking chair back where it belongs
*hang holiday lights and decorations
*put away laundry

There will be more after that but if I wrote it all out I would panic


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