Stand up for yourself, even if it is you who is being mean to yourself

Sometimes I get themes in mind to post on or write about, kind of have been thinking on this one a lot lately as I tend to be really mentally self abusive in the winter.


Every time you speak badly of or to yourself it is abuse, would you allow someone else to speak so hatefully about your dearest friend or someone you love? Would you expect or want that person you love to put up with you saying about them the things you say or think about yourself?


You must be your own champion, you must love yourself to be happy, it isn’t always easy and there are times you feel like a failure but that is not a good reason to hurt yourself.  Studies have shown that negative self talk and constant self belittling can have very negative physical health as well as long lasting mental repercussions so if you continually put yourself down you are both physically and mentally abusing yourself.


Why do you deserve worse treatment than you would insist be given to your friends.  I realize that if anyone said the shit I say about myself to my husband Alex or my friends I would leave them torn to shreds…I deserve to be my own friend, I deserve to love and respect myself and part of that is standing up for myself even if it is against myself



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