Gluten based contact dermatitis


I don’t know if you can see how swollen and red my hands are, I just crushed up some bread crumbs for something I am making for other people to eat and my hands are on fire, they itch, hurt and burn.
Contact Dermatitis from gluten…FUCK FUCK FUCK. This has happened before but never as bad as this and it is a bad sign as Gluten Intolerance tends to escalate in severity. No I don’t have Celiac’s disease, that is different and yes you can develop a skin sensitivity.  It is just one more frustration I don’t need, thankfully I no longer bake bread (which used to cause my hands to get dry and itchy but not burn like this)
I can bake stuff, I just can’t be getting my hands into wheat and kneeding or crumbling stuff.


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