I know this subject is getting old…organizing woes

Sorry to go on about this subject but expressing my self in writing helps me feel slightly less as if I am drowning trying to reorganize my house.  It just seems like more than I can deal with between giving up my art room to the roommate, my grandma dying a week ago after being sick so long, holiday parties and Seasonal Affective Disorder.  And that is not to mention said roommate always being in the front room when I really just want to be alone to clean, he comes home right about the time Alex leaves and doesn’t go to bed until after 10pm and because he wakes up at 5 am I can’t be loud at night.
We finally agreed to let our friend rent the spare room for 1/3 of the rent because we really need the financial help to get stable again.  Feeling less taken advantage of financially helps somewhat but man I wish he would go spend some time in what used to be my art studio or off with friends just so I could blast music and clean.  I can listen to my phone but sometimes I just want to turn the volume up, talk to the cats, sing badly/loudly and not worry about waking him.  He isn’t a bad guy so much as I am used to being alone to do as I wish in my own home.
After grandma died I got a lot of random household stuff including stuff I had taken over during the last year or two trying to help make life easier for her.  Between those things and the things brought out of the art room that need to be stored in different places (some of which can not be allowed to freeze in the garage) I have spent a stupid amount of time just sorting and organizing my closets and cupboards to just make space so I can have a place to put the art supplies and household stuff after I sort those.
Just to add stress to all this is the fact that I am having 2 more parties this month, both at my house (Christmas and New Years Eve) AND my grandma’s wake is earlier on Christmas Eve 2 houses down at her old house.
I need my house clean, I need the breezeway between the front of our house and the garage clean and organized and I need to figure out how we are going to tarp off one end of it and make clear plastic curtains for the end near the steps so that people have a place to smoke.
I need to at least sort out the art supplies that can not be frozen out in our unheated mess of a garage and figure out where and how best to store them in the house.
I need to figure out food for the 3 events and possibly how to decorate and on top of all that I need to do day to day stuff like dishes and laundry.
And I have no energy, I am often frustrated and anxious and just want to hide in my room.
I write and publish to do lists so I feel obligated to actually do something each day.  Alex helps as he can but so much of this is stuff that involves figuring out what goes where not just sweeping and mopping.
Oh yes and add to that being dead fucking broke, I literally have $3.37 until I hopefully get some Christmas money on Christmas day but all of that will go towards New Years Eve. After that I have nothing til I get my small check on Friday the 3rd and most of that is gas for the cars and groceries.
I can do this, I have to do this.


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