To do lists and not getting stuff done tonight

Laying here looking for cool to do list images and printouts on Pinterest for the last hour…

Just 1 reason I sometimes don’t get as much done on my own to do list as I might wish.


I have been weirdly lightheaded all day, wired but exhausted. I feel as if I drank too much coffee but I didn’t, I mean it is as if I haven’t slept all week then drank a 12 cup pot, my chest feels tight and my heart is alternatively rapid then normal and I have had a dull ache in my head and tightness in my throat.
I can’t rest but I can’t think clearly enough to motivate. I am hoping it isn’t Seasonal Affective Disorder/Mania (yes that can happen, a tired, unfocused mania) but maybe I am just honestly tired and my body is mad at me.  Trying to get enough protein and water to see if it helps.
So far today I have gone shopping for holiday stuff like booze to stash for new years and cooked 5pounds of hamburger into meat sauce base (very little sauce over crumbled cooked beef, it freezes better and you just add extra sauce when thawed) I cooked enchilada casserole for Alex out of a mix of homemade chili and chicken tortilla soup, flour shells and cheese.
I cooked dinner for our roommate and myself and carried stuff out to the garage.
Other than that I have done very little.
I am giving myself a tiny, simple to do list for this weekend and hoping for the best.

To do: (did)

*take boxes and containers to garage(Fri)
*run a load of laundry(Fri)
*put away cooked food(Fri)
*fold blankets and put in a blanket bag(Fri)
*empty dishwasher (Fri)
*load dishwasher (Fri)
*clear off front room floor
*wrap and put away raw meat in freezer
*put away clean clothes
*organize pantry
*take drafting table to the garage
*move sets of rolling drawers out of art room
*sort through carts, decide what goes in garage
*clear off table in Art Room for roommate to use.
*reorganize art supplies in different marked storage places
*go to dinner with family
*go to party store
*get old big TV to friends house


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