Fighting winter dry skin

Ugh dry winter skin!  I have been overall lucky and here is what I have found works.
*Increase your water intake if your skin feels dry, heating dries the air and you often won’t realize you are dehydrating during the winter.
*Don’t cut too far back on healthy fats in your diet, eating too little fats can not only lead to weight gain but to dry skin, look for foods with Omega 3 and 6 in them
*Do not give into the temptation to shower or bathe in very hot water as it will dry your skin out much worse.
* If you need to shave try using the heaviest, thickest conditioner you can get to shave with (grape seed oil conditioning treatment is wonderful), rinse your legs in warm water then put on the conditioner and allow it to sit on your skin a few minutes before shaving. Also make sure that you have very fresh blades as well as this weather makes your skin more sensitive.
Finally pat yourself dry with a soft clean towel after bathing, do not scrub, and apply a thin layer of a light weight oil to your driest areas then after it absorbs apply a lotion of your choice.
Good luck and stay hydrated

One thought on “Fighting winter dry skin

  1. @lindajones says:

    I have started putting plain coconut oil on myself after a shower– I am not seeing white flakes inside my black pants!

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