Freezing and the freezer

It is cold as hell and I am having to sort out a bunch of food from grandma’s freezer (1/4 of which is really badly freezer burned, mostly veggies…hate subzero chest freezers) and find ways to store the remaining stuff in my upright freezer as well as the stuff we bought for the month that needs freezing.  My cousin wants the freezer but she doesn’t eat vegetables, except potatoes and in top of that she is being super weird about the food.  The fact that it was grandma’s freaks her out despite the fact she is getting the freezer and grandma would hate for things to go to waste.  She wasn’t able to cook much this last 8 months which is why so many veggies went bad.
Thankfully I can store the stuff from grandma’s in need of sorting outside for a few hours in the freezing cold and do 25-15s, 25 minutes of work and 15 minutes of break/warm up then repeat.
First I have to go through the chicken and hamburger I got on sell today and package it for freezing so I can also reorganize my fridge. 

I eat a lot of protein, no real choice because of the type of surgery I had, I need 125+ grams a day and so when we find a good deal we have to jump on it.


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