Organization binge day 1

Owe … Stiff and achy
It has been a busy day, tons of walking and driving today then house cleaning.  Between thanksgiving, my birthday and Grandma dying my house has gotten very untidy with party supplies and random stuff in bags and boxes that need to be put away.  I got a lot of random stuff from grandma’s house as we are cleaning it, all those things you don’t think about, not knick knacks but things like groceries, boxes of tea, the random containers I gave her for things, paper towels, large print books I am donating to the rehab place I was at for my knee.  She had tons of bedding, in the last few years of her life she was always cold and never comfortable, her skin was sensitive and so we all took to giving her bedding we hoped would help and I took back a few of them.  Now everything needs a place to go.
I also want to get everything organized for the new year in a way that will allow us to best use the space we have since we have a friend using the art room for a while.  It is hard having a roommate but we can really use the money and he will have a chance to pay off some bills and save up to get a place of his own in the spring. 
Unfortunately it means I need to move a lot of my art stuff out of the spare room either into our room, the utility closet or the garage.  Any supplies that go in there I need to be super careful that nothing can be ruined by freezing and things don’t just join the disaster part of my garage (which gets sorted in the spring as our garage not only has no heat but a hellish draft)
Tonight I loaded and unloaded 2 dishwasher loads, did 3 loads of laundry, help put away 3 overflowing baskets of clothes, cooked chicken tortilla soup and put away groceries.
I organized the linen closet, I reorganized party dishes on the bottom 2 shelves, sorted rags and wash cloths not stored in bathroom on to the top shelf and protein powder and drink stuff on the shelf under that.
I put extra/damaged food processor that still works in the pile to go out to the garage, and kept the Cuisinart, I also put the roasting pan and the various racks and the lid that goes with it in the pile.
I organized the tea rack a put all the crock pots on the large shelf unit after washing them
I sorted through everything under the vanity into toss, keep, give away piles then put stuff to keep back in an organized way then cleaned off the top of the vanity.
I sorted through makeup, and tossed old lipstick (almost all of them) and eye liners then moved the extra packages of TP and paper towels under vanity when there is now room. Along with the vanity drawers i organized the shelves over toilet and arranged the wash clothes and hand towels into baskets.
Now I am ready to crash because I have about 6x that much stuff to do this week to find enough space to get everything the way I want it.

Here is some of what is left to do by Dec 23rd (we are having people over Christmas Eve):

Take the door off of the linen closet, put it in the garage
Move paint canvases and boxes out of the linen closet and into the utility closet
Cover linen closet carpet with cardboard then move the litter box from the bedroom in to bottom of linen closet
Hang curtain over door to linen closet
Decide what stays in the house and what goes in the garage
Clear 1/2 of the shelf’s for art stuff
Figure out storage options for cords and stuff (plastic shoe box w/lids?)
Fix lid handle on silver/black crockpot using a drawer knob
Sort through storage containers and bottles and put excess in garage (in a well marked banker box)
Sort sideboard, put seldom used pans in garage (also in a well marked banker box)
Put extra Pyrex in drawers of sideboard
Take stock of bulk items, make a list of what we need and what to store them in
Sort box of supplies from birthday party, put serving dishes away and fix up the “take away party box” for garage (box of stuff for picnics and for when we help throw parties at other people’s homes)
Get 2 shower racks and hang on side wall over the shower in closure off of coat hooks
Keep all of the laundry caught up and put away
Put away excess bedding (store it in marked plastic bags in the garage)
Put rolling carts from art room in to the bedroom closet or the garage
Keep the kitchen floor swept and mopped after mopping the mud off of the kitchen floor with bleach water
Keep all of the dishes washed and put away without letting them stack up
Keep the front room tidied and vacuumed
Keep the kitchen counters clean and uncluttered
Move the vent on the dryer so it vents into the house with a filter on it
Fix weather stripping on front and back doors
Organize pantry shelves
Hang Christmas lights in the side window in the front room
Put plastic up over the front window in the front room and the window over the bed
Hang another curtain over the front window


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