She’s gone

My grandma was an amazing woman, I will miss her, she was my cheerleader, my councilor and a role model. 
She helped shape me as much if not more than anyone in my life ever has.  She was so proud of the changes in my life and I probably could not have accomplished them without her.
She passed away tonight and more than anything I want to dress up in the birthday dress she was so proud I could now fit into and go out tonight and do something I have not done in 8 years…it may hurt like hell but tonight I am going to dance at least once. 
If you consider me a friend, if I am someone you like knowing chances are you would have loved her because pretty much everything good I have ever strived to be and everything decent I am is either a reflection of her or was encouraged by her.
I am going to toast the passing of my best friend in the world for as long as I could remember and dance to say goodbye to Mary Jane Miller…my grandmother and touchstone


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