Adapting chore list for today

I ended up doing tons of work but not any of my planned list for today except the tub got cleaned because I washed 5 outdoor chairs off in the bathtub (including getting huge spider nests off of a couple and having to plunge the drain to get them down it.)

What I HAVE done so far is:
*Wash a small load of laundry
*Loaded the dishwasher as I cook (going to run it as soon as the load of towels we used to dry chairs on finishes …thank you Alex for loading them)
*Made a cake
*Made a ton of roll ups and wrapped them in saran wrap (will cut them tomorrow)
*Made the filling for the wraps and turned the rest of the cheese spread into a cheese ball
*made the sauce for meatballs
*made shortbread cookies
*made Apple brown sugar dip for the cookies
*Hauled small table and floor cushions to car
*sorted a bin of items for tomorrow
*did some shopping (NEW DRESS)
*cleaned the fridge

Alex is in the process of resweeping the kitchen, vacuuming and taking out the garbage.
I still need to make a few things for tomorrow and mop the floor in the kitchen.
Putting the laundry away can wait for Sunday because I plan to have 80% of all the work done before tomorrow so I can enjoy my birthday!

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