Clean house for my birthday

More than anything I want a clean house for my birthday Saturday (at least the basics, kitchen, front room and huge pile of already clean laundry put away) Usually the house is in good shape but after the Black Friday get together the kitchen is a bit of a disaster with mud on the floor and lots of party stuff to put away.
The front room isn’t horrible just needs tidying and the pile of laundry will Take us maybe an hour. The problem is that pain from this morning never went fully away because I am trying to wean myself off of tramadol so never took it today. And Alex is working overtime Again for the 4th night this week.
So I just need a PLAN, a to do list
*Take a tramadol and a Cup of coffee
*spray cleaner in tub and sink
*put cleaner in toilet
*tidy vanity
*do last load of laundry
*wipe down washer and dryer top
*haul laundry baskets into bedroom from kitchen
*sweep kitchen

*unload dishes I did tonight
*put any dirty dishes in dishwasher

*take clean roasting pan and extra party supplies to garage
*scrub counters and stove top
*put household party supplies away in closet
*rinse out tub, sink and toilet
*take bath, wash hair, do honey facial

*go to bed

*tidy front room
*spray tub down
*mop kitchen floor
*put away laundry
*vacuum front room


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