OMG yummy cheesecake mousse birthday cake

My birthday is this weekend and I am sharing my party with a few other Sagittarius’ and the host LOVES CHEESECAKE…. A lot.
His birthday was the same day as our post Thanksgiving get together so I tried this Cheesecake mousse because it is something I can eat and he loved it.
Easy Cheesecake Mousse
2 packages of Sugar free Jello brand Cheesecake flavored pudding
3 cups of milk
8 oz warmed cream cheese
1 tub of whipped topping (lite or not)
In a blender mix together 1.5 cups of milk, 1 package of pudding then slowly add half the warmed cream cheese while blending.
Pour in to a large bowl.
Spoon in half of the whipped topping,
Do this with the rest of the milk, pudding and cream cheese (it is much easier to do it this way)
Spoon in the rest of the whipped topping and fold it all together.

I know he will have some cheesecake at the party Saturday but I wanted to make him a cake inspired by my mousse recipe, so even though I can’t have any of this cake recipe because it isn’t gluten free I am going to make it for him.

Cheesecake Mousse Cake
1 box of Golden Vanilla Cake Mix
Ingredients needed to make the cake except use milk instead of water

Mix the cake following the directions on the box
Bake as directed.
Poke holes half way into it with a chop stick

3 cups milk
2 packets of cheesecake pudding
8 oz warmed (just enough so it smears well) cream cheese
Half of a tub of whip topping

As soon as the cake comes out of the oven mix the milk and pudding in the blender and pour half of it over the warm cake so it fills the holes, refrigerate.
Add the warmed up cream cheese to the remaining pudding in the blender and blend.
Pour the mix into a large bowl and fold in whip topping.
After the cake is fully cooled frost it with the mousse.


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