Busy for December

This is the list of events I have in December:
Dec 7th …  My Birthday Party shared with other Sagittarius’
Dec 10th… Dinner with Alex’s family then a trip to see the lights at the botanical gardens
Dec 24th… (Part 1) Family Get together at Grandma’s 4-6
Dec 24th…  (Part 2)Get together at my house for friend from out of town 7-midnight
Dec 25th…  Dinner at Alex’s Aunt’s house
Dec 31th…  New Years Eve Party

And I get to supply food to each of them.
For my birthday I am making sweet and sour meatballs, roll ups, pie shell cookies with brown sugar on top (frozen shells) stuffed mushrooms, a decadent cake, chocolate drizzled popcorn and hot drinks.
I bought enough wrap shells (spinach, tomato and white flour ones as well as Italian herb), cream cheese and shredded cheese to make roll ups for every event except dinner on the 10th.  I have deli meat and will get more before the 24th.
I am buying a second 5 pound bag of meatballs for NYE on sale for $10 and taking more of the already stuffed and frozen mushrooms I made as well as roll ups.
For the family get together on Christmas eve I will make a large veggie quiche and some veggie roll ups (3 people who don’t eat meat and I can eat my quiche, everyone else will bring tons of food)
For the second Christmas eve get together I will make crockpot lasagna and garlic bread and others can bring snacks.
For the family Christmas dinner I will bring a small tray of roll ups also for before the dinner his aunt will cook. She is also making soup for before the outing on Dec 10th but I said that since I have food restrictions I said I would bring a small batch of chicken tortilla soup and corn chips.

So far the roll ups I am making are:
Italian wrap with Roast Beef with a small amount of horseradish mixed into the cream cheese and shredded Monterey cheese mix
Tomato Chili Wrap with chicken, and a spread made of cream cheese and shredded pepper jack cheese
Spinach wrap with turkey and a spread made up of cream cheese, bacon, ranch and shredded cheddar
White flour wrap with black forest ham, and a spread made of sweet mustard mixed into cream cheese and shredded Colby cheese
And a vegetarian one of cream cheese, 3 cheeses, and a small amount of chili and tomatoes


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