So tired and so much to do for the food drive still

Tonight is going to feel very long but let’s hope it is worth the effort and the food drive is a success, I am hoping we get 150 items so that I only need to come up with 35 more items on my own to get to 275 food items to donate. (On top of the 30 I have already invested in and the stuff donated last week)
I am still recovering from Friday when we stood in line for an hour to do the Empty Bowls fund Raiser for the food bank and walked around down town the late afternoon shopping to get the food I forgot for the party Friday evening then standing and cooking for 4 hours that night…all stuff I never could have done before I lost the 275 pounds.
This entire week has been insanely busy and my body is really hitting the wall today but it is important to me to keep my promise and go to game then go to Nocturnum and run the too drive/raffle and give out all kinds of goodies for people who bring food to donate.
Then I can take time tomorrow to rest before I spend the rest of the week preparing for my birthday weekend next weekend.
So while I want nothing more than to curl up and sleep off one of the most physically busy weeks of my life, I need to get up, go out and jump start the car our friend killed, get everything together for game, load everything for the food drive and get Alex to get dressed and get him and myself out of here in the next 20 mins and stay calm.
I can do this, and if I can do this I sure hope everyone comes through with donations and has fun tonight.


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