Still need to raise 200 items of food to donate

I am doing a food drive in my city trying to raise 275 items (1for each pound I lost before and after weight loss surgery)  with the help of my local communities (live action roll players and Goths…trust me they really overlap in Boise Idaho)
I decided to have raffles and contacted my local crafter friends in the Goth community for donations, they really came through for me, as did the bar we hold our Goth night on Sundays.
I mentioned this because since I still need 200 items and this is so important to me that I have decided to step things up so anyone who brings in 15 items can choose either some of my Earrings, bracelets, spider ornament or a journal and if they bring in 25 items they can have that plus a necklace I made….as well as still having chances to win a set of my jewelry in the main raffle.
This seems to have motivated people because I have serious promises from people to bring in enough to get my jewelry… To be honest this is going to wipe out all my stock of vending merchandize but you know what…it is so worth it!!!

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