Don’t bring me down

I woke up in an amazing mood, it was better than any drugs.
I woke up full of energy and joy and ready to face my day.
I woke up so happy and glad to be alive.

Then…..people happened

I am sorry some people I ran into so far today are in a shitty mood and all but that isn’t my fault and to be honest I feel that something precious was stolen from me.
I don’t get a lot of joyful and energetic mornings where the world and I are in sync, especially in the winter.  It is just too damn bad that certain other people are so out of sync.
I spend most of the winter angry, sad, sleepy or anxious (mix any combo) so a glorious morning is something to embrace, sadly my joy seems to have annoyed people who should be happy to see me not acting like an angry bear woken from a deep sleep. 
Oh well that is their problem not mine and I won’t feel trapped by other people’s grumpiness, I am determined to be happy today damn it.

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