Week off of work so many chores

Stuff we did between Saturday and Tuesday

[V] Run 1st of 2 food drive/raffles
[V] Clean small crockpot of wax, put it in “Lil dipper” crockpot
[V] Soak burned on mess in big white crockpot
[V] Hand wash dishes
[V] Vacuum
[V] Reduce Apple cider by half for liquor
[V] Clean front room
[V] Sweep kitchen
[V] Mop Kitchen
[V] Clean top of washer and dryer
[V] Wash and change bedding
[V] Deep clean out microwave
[V] Check litter in bedroom change if needed
[V] Put pillow cases on the bed pillows
[V] Empty dishwasher (twice)
[V]Load and run dishwasher (twice)
[V] load pill pack for the week
[V] Change bedroom litter box
[V] Take garbage out to curb
[V] Do laundry (4 loads)
[V] Take things out to the garage
[V] Chop veggies/freeze
[V] Clean toilet
[V] Clean off vanity in bathroom
[V] clean bathtub
[V] Sweep and mop bathroom floor
[V] Get dutch oven from grandmas
[V] Cure dutch oven
[V] Clear driveway of leaves (snow shovel works on leaves and crushed acorns)

Still To Do Wed-Saturday

[ ] Clean off stove top and door
[ ] Clean kitchen counters
[ ] Sweep kitchen floor
[ ] Mop kitchen floor with bleach water
[ ] Wash Dishes or load dish washer as I cook
[ ] Vacuum
[ ] Change Litter Boxes
[ ] Set up for Dinner Party at our house Friday
[ ] Go to Brother’s house for dinner Thursday
[ ] make homemade cranberry sauce, honeyed carrots, sweet potatoes, gluten free green bean casserole and dessert for Thursday
[ ] make turkey, homemade stuffing, crockpot lasagna, cheese cake dessert, GF green bean casserole and Brandied Baked Apples for Friday
[ ] clean up after dinner Friday
[ ] Rake the front yard
[ ] Compost leaves in back yard on top of wet newspapers to kill weeds


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