Great day Sat, Nov 23rd

Bed time, falling asleep fast, Saturday was amazing and I needed it so bad.  I have been stressed so much lately and both Alex and I needed time together without anyone around (we have a guest staying for Nov and Dec)
Alex starts his winter vacation Saturday after doing 4 hours of overtime Friday night (Saturday morning, he got home at 4am)
This morning while Alex slept I went shopping with mom, then made homemade cranberry sauce for the first time.  It came out ok, a tad sweeter than I prefer but now I know what to do differently.
Our guest gave me a little money so after I got back from grocery shopping I asked Alex if he would get up early so that we could go to the farmers market by noon.  I got a coffee and he got frozen yogurt then we wandered around and bought more cranberries for the holidays and had a few treats including hot fresh pressed cider for me and a locally made ginger beer for Alex (like root beer meets ginger ale)
It was cold (around 35°f) but sunny and not windy so we had a really great time.
We came back and napped together for 2 hours, then we went to the store for grandma.  I try to help her as much as I can I just wish it was more.
Since Alex has a total of 9 days off and we have friends coming over Friday we plan to spend some time each day doing the chores we have slacked on doing around the house lately.  I wrote a list of what we need to do this weekend and what to have done by the party Friday evening and we  did some cleaning and decorating and got things ready for the food drive tomorrow.
So far Saturday night we did a basic cleaning of the living room, swept the kitchen, vacuumed the front room and bedroom, took down the holiday window decor that you couldn’t see, I made wire hangers for them and we hung them on the branch chandelier and the web lights in the front room.
I washed the last of the dirty clothing (putting away tons of clothing tomorrow) stripped the bed and washed the bedding and now all we need to do is make the bed and some dinner (yes I know it is after midnight)
I feel so reenergized right now especially after a hot shower.


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