Selfie vs self portrait is there a difference?

the only self portrait I took is my current profile pics on Facebook and Twitter


Facebook pic


Twitter pic

The thing is they had nothing to do with vanity really and more with self acceptance.
I had just spent a month not wanting to see pictures of my changing face, all my pictures felt like lies, they were not how I look now.
So with little make up on I took 5 photos, the first 2 did not work because of having half my face cut out and the other two poses were in different light so I ended up with just 2 photos in focus.
So I posted the photos to say to myself and others, “I am going to accept that this is ME, bumps, wrinkles and hollow cheeks, this is who I am now, you can like it or not.”
And even then I felt so disconnected from how I look I altered the image as if it was a ghost, but that is part of my accepting that I am far from perfect.
The problem came from me not mentioning this to others and a very nice friend thought she would do me a favor and “pretty up” my Facebook photo, smoothing out the wrinkles, bumps and hollow cheeks I was trying to accept.
And sadly for my already damaged self esteem I am sure you can guess what photo got raves.
So no not every self taken picture is a selfie (cry for attention) some are just “what do you think of this hair color/cut/makeup or eyeglasses” some are just because you need a profile pic that looks decent in such a small format and some are “this is who I am, no pout, no chin adjustments, no forced cleavage, just me”
Also I don’t begrudge the occasional desire to be told “hey nice pic” but if the picture didn’t look like me because of angle, alteration or expression I would not feel complimented but instead I would wonder why I wasn’t ok as is.


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