Homemade gluten free condensed cream of mushroom soup

Gluten free condensed mudroom soup recipe

8oz of fresh mushrooms sliced
1 can of evaporated milk (12oz, whole or 2%)
1 cup  cold milk
1/2 cup half and half or heavy cream
1 tbls gluten free soy sauce
Seasoning of choice
Half a cup of cornstarch

Add the cup of regular milk and cornstarch into a blender and mix thoroughly
Pour the mixture into a large sauce pan over medium and heat while stirring until it begins to thicken
Wash mushrooms and add them and the can of milk in to a blender along with the soy sauce and seasonings, I used a scant teaspoon of salt, half of a teaspoon of black pepper, garlic and Mrs Dash table blend
Pulse the blender to chop the mushrooms as fine as you want them
Slowly add this to the thickened cornstarch mix and stir over medium heat as it continues to thicken.
If it is not thick enough after lightly bubbling for a few minutes add another couple of tablespoons of cornstarch to the cream and stir together until mixed together then add to the bubbling mixture and cook another few minutes.
If instead it is too thick just slowly add the cream and bring back to a light simmer

Allow to cool and use as you would condensed mushroom soup

I made a double batch with half button mushrooms and half portobello mushrooms (the portobello I first diced fine then sauteed in butter)
I then put 4 small frozen boneless porkchops in an oiled Pyrex pan and topped them with a cup of the mix and allowed it to back at 350° for 35 minutes until the chops were done then added a tiny dash of butter to the pan drippings and topped the chops with it
(Also please note that because of my type of weight loss surgery I need a bit of extra fat in my diet)


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