Frustrated but with plans to fix it

Frustrated, everything seems like such a god awful struggle these days. I just want things easier for once not harder.
I want to sew and create and do more art but a friend is staying in my art room til January so I really can’t get at stuff also I get very anxious about people staying in the house for long.
Also I was really was hoping that by now my pain would be mostly gone but no such luck. With my right knee I was so much farther along 3 months after surgery than I am with this the left knee 4 months afterwards.
I hate money being so tight and worrying about stuff like how much to spend on groceries.  We really need to stock up on foods I can eat and get the freezer restocked.  Groceries for me tend to be pricey because I need so much protein and can’t eat grains including rice at all. I hate knowing it makes my husband feel bad when we are struggling to make sure we paid every bill and don’t have any extra.
The thing is all we have to do is budget better and pay off a few things and we will be caught up, not really ahead but we won’t have to worry each month about making our bills.
If we can just make it through to January things should calm down and by Sept we will be pretty much stable. By this time next year if things work out we should be well on our way to getting set up for our future. My grandma used to joke about how they and Russia both made 5 year plans, I am not planning quite so far out but at least a few years planning won’t hurt.
I was never willing to make plans that far out before because I never thought my life could be stable with another person but my husband is here for the long haul.
I need to make a list of things we need to do to keep on plan and not lose focus.
#1. Pay off the TV on layaway ($70 on Dec 3rd 2013 out of my small check and our Christmas gift to ourselves is paid off and that frees up about $140 a month we have had to spend the last 2 months)
#2. In January 2014 I will increase my consolidation loan payments from $100 to $170 so that it can be paid off in April
#3. In March 2014 when our insurance is due we will register grandma’s car in our name along with adding it to our insurance, we will pay monthly until it is due again in September of 2014.
#4. After April,2014 I will continue to put $170 in the bank giving us enough by September 2014 to pay insurance 6 months at a time then we will continue to put away $170 despite the insurance not being that high.
#5. After Sept 2014 everything that is not used towards insurance in March 2015 will be put towards a secured credit card to build up credit(I don’t make enough and Alex has no credit)
In the meantime
#6. We have gotten better at keeping track of bills and will be budgeting our fuel and grocery money better than we have instead of wiping through everything the first week
#7. I am going to organize our freezers and food storage so that we can better stock up on things when they are on sale.
#8. Starting Summer of 2014 we will begin gardening for things we use like bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, squash (butternut, spaghetti and zucchini) and I will freeze or can as much as we can
#9. Starting as soon as my art room is empty of company I will reorganize it and a space in the garage to make it easier to sew so that I can alter and take in my clothes that are too big so I won’t need to buy many more items.
#10. I won’t be buying art supplies like I used to (buying just to buy) I will sort stuff out and use what I have (de-stash my art stuff)
#11. Over the next couple of months I will do an inventory on my phone of the household things we have and the things we need and then keep it up to date to keep from buying unnecessary items. (Cleaners, hygiene items, etc)

Hopefully these goals will help us get out from under and begin to build up credit towards someday owning a home


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