Not my best crafting year but better than most people’s

Because of the 2 surgeries this year has been hard for me craft wise, I did do 50+ items but 30 of them were necklaces and earrings (all different) and I didn’t get to most of my list.
Now I have made a promise not to buy art supplies for the next 5 months at least so I will need to take my list and make it a destash only goal list.
Here is what I have saved from the 2013 list:
1. Use up as much of the material from my old dresses and skirts as I can
Make Teesha Moore style patchwork bag
Make velvet patchwork bag
Velvet cowl scarf

2. Craft organization
Set up craft area on garage shelves
Reorganize art room
Use small boxes to make drawer dividers and cover them
Decorate and reinforce cardboard shelves from grocery display

3. House stuff
Easy off peek through mirrors
Turn T-shirts into throw pillows using fiber fill from old pillows.

4.  Jewelry and accessories
Organza singed flower pins for hats and lapel
Paper layered necklace (diamond glaze)
Bamboo tile bracelet 
DIY screen painted item
Freezer paper stencil

5. Art projects
Mosaic painting using textures and found bits
At least 1 sculpy project
Altered art bottle
Set of 5×5 mix and match art pieces

6. Craft projects
Cinnamon Halloween ornaments
12 random acts of craft kindness/gifts (12 things to give away for no real reason)
Make complimentary coffee mugs
Do at least 4 tutorials of my crafts
Melted bead ornaments using cookie cutters
Cover journals with vinyl samples
Cover journals with paper collage
Christmas spiders
Bead and wire dragonflies
Paper flowers for branch chandelier

7. Sewing projects/clothing
Turn top into baby doll dress
Take in oversized skirts
Alter skirt
Turn tank top into skirt / bottom of dress
Bleach pen decorate leggings
Make sheer purple spiderweb over skirt
Arm warmers from socks
Boot socks/leg warmers from a sweater

8. Cooking
Post recipes on my blogs.

9. Social/teaching
host an art party / collage party
teach a class on alternative crafting

10. Art journaling
lettering/quotes pages
8×8“ loose leaf journal pages
random art journal pages and altered book pages

Oh well 5 1/2 weeks to figure out what else I can do with what I have.


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