SAD Lamps can change your life

I have said this to many friends but if you suffer from Seasonal affective disorder (winter blahs, depression, unusual sleepiness, irritability, fatigue, carb cravings when the weather is dark and/or cold) you should consider investing in a full spectrum therapy light, (note that these are not bright light bulbs for your ceiling, though lighting your entire house with bright white bulbs does help a little)
Therapy lights are very bright and are only used for short periods of time once or twice a day within a few hours of waking up and they come in light boxes, desk or floor lamps. They are best when you can be within a few feet of them.
Mine  makes a huge difference in my life, I used to sleep 14+ hours a day from mid Nov to mid Feb and would gain 10 to 15 pounds in that time, now a bad day is my sleeping an extra 2 hours or feeling groggy and slightly unhappy but most of the time I do Ok if I get two 15-20 minute sessions a day.
These lights are not cheap and you most likely will have to send away for one but check with your insurance and find out if they will cover part of it.
If you miss even a few days work due to SAD you lost what it would cost you to invest in the lamp. I have had my lamp going on 8 years and will only this next year be replacing the bulb just to be safe as they are effective for up to 10,000 hours.


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