You do what you have to do to keep going

I have felt like such a slacker lately and now that the SAD seems to be leaving a bit and my brain is clearer and I am more motivated I want to clean and organize like I was a few weeks ago.
So of course on the first day I am motivated to do stuff around the house my legs hurt a lot more than usual because I had to wait to get pain meds refilled tonight and couldn’t take anything today (I usually take a tramadol when I get up and 6 hours or so later then bed time) and Tylenol barely helps.  It isn’t that it is a constant horrible pain, it’s just a throbbing ache with random pains in the left knee and shin that get worse when I stand for long (like resorting shelves)
Despite that I got a few things done, dishes, cooking (baked chicken, a SF dessert and home made cream of mushroom soup) and I brought a cabinet in from the garage and added it to our makeshift pantry. 
I then sorted food and organized stuff so I can find it and started sorting tons of storage containers and lids when my left knee said “Stop!”
I could feel that it was getting very hot which is a sign of inflammation so I am taking a break then I will grab a card table that I can use to sort containers while sitting.
You do what you have to do to keep going.


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